TBackCoverhe Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis (IJGLSA) is an innovative, biannual, peer reviewed journal which reaches out to the international community of researchers in two disciplines. While maintaining the integrity of each field, their appearance side-by-side, on the one hand, adds a new Post-modern focus to Germanic Linguistics and opens the door to its place among related humane and natural sciences in keeping with the holistic trends of contemporary research. On the other hand, research in the affable discipline of Semiotics, the general science of signification, finds its closest allied sister science in linguistics. Yet the specification of “Germanic” prevents the total merger/assimilation of these two disciplines, which would be a real possibility with simply “Linguistics.” This journal proposes a bold experiment in the actual instantiation of the clustering of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis.

Germanic Linguistics subsumes principally German, Yiddish, English, Frisian, Scandinavian, Netherlandic, as well as their genetic affiliation, Indo-European, and thus the numerous proximate and distal languages and cultures with which the Germanic languages interdigitate in the present as well as the past. Semiotic Analysis studies all of life as a perfusion of signs and symbols whose purpose is to communicate. Whether the signs and symbols are medical symptoms or vital signs, political codes or flag symbols, the sounds of music or of animals (human and non-human), cloths that make a fashion statement or money that talks, body language or the language of poetry, an enticing taste or an intimate touch, they all demonstrate that the human experience is essentially one of endless sending and receiving of messages by means of signs and symbols.